5 actividades que no te puedes perder para la temporada de enero en Cartagena
9 diciembre, 2015

The 7 best spots to party in Cartagena

The evening has arrived…and with it the music, lights, and sounds of the breeze softly blowing through the palm trees. Everything comes together perfectly in Cartagena, to offer you the perfect night on the town. These are some of the best spots that you shouldn’t miss out on during your stay in Cartagena:

Calle del arsenal: Located beside the Convention Centre of Cartagena, on this famous street is where you can find a variety of nightclubs that offer all sorts of options. Whether you’re into vallenato, electronic, or even rock, this is the place to go. You can also opt to walk along the wall and take in the fresh night air, or even make a toast with a cold beer at ‘Casa de la Cerveza’ while admiring the lights of the city and the sounds of the bay.

Getsemaní: This neighbourhood has become one of the hottest spots to party in the city. The infrastructure of the neighbourhood, along with the African and Caribbean rhythms has transformed Getseamaní into the perfect place to enjoy the night.

Some points of interest include: La Habana and Donde Fidel, where the latin salsa flavour can be experienced in all of its splendour.

 Bocagrande: This is the hotel and tourist zone of the city, and offers some of the best parties and nightclubs. You can find everything you’re looking for, whether it be a bar, or a party that won’t stop until the sun comes up. The casinos, various restaurants, and plentiful docks along which take a stroll, will ensure that you have a great night.

The Walled City: Within the old city you can also find places to enjoy a typical Cartagena night. Along with numerous nightclubs within the beautiful colonial buildings, you can take a walk along cobblestone streets, and don’t forget to check out some of our most recommended spots:

Café del mar: With the sounds of the ocean, and the waving flag of Cartagena de Indias above, the live music, and a delicious cocktail in hand, it’s impossible not to enjoy your time in this cafe thats perfectly positioned along the wall of the old city.

Bourbon St. Bar:  Good music and delicious food…what more can you ask for? With incredible decorations and a unique atmosphere, this spot features a theme from the Southern United States.

Plazas: If you prefer being serenaded by the magical night air, sipping on a delicious cocktail or enjoying good company, we recommend you take a walk through some of the famous plazas of the city. Appreciate the art that surrounds the city by visiting the plaza Santo Domingo or San Pedro, where you can also have a taste of Cartagena cuisine under the light of the moon and the stars.

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